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This site captures thoughts, observations and comments about the relationship between architecture and well-being.

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The site focusses on a particular interest in the question: “does the architecture of your home, AND the neighbourhood in which it sits, effect your well-being?”. Clearly it does, but to what extent? Underpinning this question is a hefty and healthy dose of scepticism: “are socio-economic factors so influential that design + form are inconsequential?”.

It is undoubtedly the case that design, form and socio-economic factors are intertwined. The thorny issue in the midst of this subject is that possibly they are so intertwined that separating them for research purposes is not possible.

So, within the context above, this site is interested in the design of the home, the effects of living in an adequate home, access to wealth, access to greenspace, access to employment, dignity + pride, appropriation and modification of environment …. and ideas about, and definitions of, health and well-being…… read musings