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view from the start

I have been interested in the value of architecture since my undergraduate days. The value of a fabulous home, that meets all ones needs (well most of them) and provides an anchor for one’s self-identity is undeniable. The value can be seen everyday when one passes any estate agent window. Of course the estate agent’s window does not ‘go large’ on the wider built environment in which a dwelling sits; a brief reference to road and postcode is enough to steer the viewer to understand the value of the dwelling’s location. Location matters.

The effect of living conditions on health is well documented. We are well informed about the pathogens and toxicological issues around sanitation, building materials, air-borne particulates and so on. Likewise we all understand that what we eat and how much we move about and exercise will affect our health.  It is not difficult to dovetail these bits of information and conclude that a person living in a pathogen free home, eating a healthy balanced diet is unlikely to be fully healthy if they fear walking out of the front door, or the only option when they leave their home is to drive their car around a concrete wasteland. Our home and the access to places, spaces, activities and other people that our home presents to us, matter.

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-16-45-38Charles Montgomery’s Happy City is worth a read.